Huron Press are nautical publishers – we know the jargon and the lingo. Each of our publications an evaluation, to assess best route forward for the author. We offer professional editors deliver essential editing services such as copy editing, content editing and proofreading. You want your book to look professional and readable, which reflects well on the author. Many firms provide untrained editors which gives the finished product a poor look and feel. Proper editing, by professionals, ensures that won’t happen with your book.

Having an editor polish your manuscript reduces distractions that can diminish your book’s readability – distractions like convoluted content structure, incorrect grammar, and persistent typos. The use of correct and clear language is vital for obtaining positive book reviews, opening doors to the media, and increasing the chances of your book being considered by bookstore buyers and our publishing partners.

Our professional editors examine your manuscript thoroughly to ensure it meets the expectations of a discriminating book market; after an Editor’s Manuscript Evaluation, the editor will identify a clear path to an editing approach that will best serve you, your manuscript, and your goals.