Here the services we provide:

Author approval of final edition 

Author Retains Copyright

Cover Design

Interior Book Layout

ISBN Provided

Legal Deposit

Paperback edition

Optional Services:

Amazon Kindle ebook

Amazon Look-Inside

Apple iBooks

Author Website  

Baker and Taylor ebook distribution

Book Marks

Book Website


Copy editing for spelling and grammar: add 2 cents per word        

Google Books

Ingram Distribution

Kobo ebook

Nook ebook

OverDrive ebook distribution to libraries

Publicity Consultation

Press Release

Sales via Amazon and

Select additional ebook channels

Substantive Editing



Book Review Copy Distribution                               

Review (Clarion or Kirkus)                         

ForeWord Clarion Review            

Kirkus Indie Review         $499      $499      $499

Listed on SeaWaves Bookstore  

U.S. Copyright Registration                                                                     

Library of Congress Control Number